mcconnell turkey neck
Proud resultant of criminal robbery of American democracy. By both gop  and russians. gop blatantly stole a supreme court appointment. Never mind the constitution they allege to revere. They only fall back on that shit when progressives are making changes that make country more fair for people historically oppressed, raped, killed and genocided. Like all black, brown and red people. Never mind that the nation who most wishes us harm destroyed our electoral process. They only care about that when there are too many blacks voting. The russians blatantly stole an election with hacking of electronic votes. Never mind the propaganda, coordinated messaging or illegal collusion of stolen classified material. They changed VOTES in midwestern electronic states. Now that they have arrested one of the russian masterminds behind it in Spain, it should lead to lots of orange jumpsuits in near future for associates of the orange asshole. All of this unprecedented criminal shit just to put this guy on the court and he isn’t even ashamed of it. We know that because he accepted nomination…proudly. Now after gop and russia have altered American democracy forever just to put him in, the motherfucker brags about it. Like he EARNED it! These scumbags never tire of showing what scumbags they are. They LIKE showing it. When the orange asshole and his whole family are imprisoned, denegrated, despised and hated in all corners of the country Gorsuck should share in the humiliation and be marched out of chambers by uniformed men and thrown by scruff of neck onto court steps like the second hand dealer of stolen merchandise he is.

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