Comey is a Super Patriot

Flawed? Yes. But no matter where you stand, if he’s fucking your guy or not, no serious person can doubt his credibility and sincerity. If you are honest with yourself, you know this guy is telling the truth. If you are an honest person, no matter the political stripe, you also know that your alleged president lies. A lot. Like over 625 publicly documented times in only 127 days. If you are an honest person (even with just yourself) you know who to believe. Now you can choose to interpret what Comey said in any way you want but there is no real misinterpretation on what his overall message was today. That was: this person that currently occupies our country’s White House is basically, stupid, corrupt, criminally venal and fundamentally dishonest in a way that is almost compulsive. In a way that he can’t help. Comey was shocked when this person came at him like a common mobster who has seen too many movies. And gop do-boys wanted to know why he didn’t say anything right then (like they did when his reps came to them to try to discredit the witness with bullshit.) Comey had never even had to worry about anything so dumbly obscene in all his years with Obama. Pretty much guarantee no FBI director has had to since J. Edgar Hoover. What president is so ignorant of basic function of government and basic government structure that they would breach the wall of law enforcement independence by basically getting him alone and trying to grab his pussy? What president would do that? What kind of fundamentally intelligent executive would do that? This one. Comey is putting all of us on blast that this buffoon and his comical minions are going to crash this country and we need to take a stand now. No more silence. Say what you know for fact. Comey is a god damned super patriot.

One thought on “Comey is a Super Patriot

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