Fake Tough Guys Like Mike

fbi raids boxes
FBI shock and awe. They raided his house, his office AND his fucking hotel room!
They took EVERYTHING. Took. It. All.
Fugazi Michael Cohen is going to break. They all do in the end. Especially the ones that brag about how tough they are. It’s the MF’s that don’t say anything you have to worry about. Those are the fuckers who go to the grave with the same silence.
Fugazi Mike. He already looks broken. Like the for real tough guy on the block (Mueller) just punched him in the fucking mouth and he knows the jig is up and life will be different now because the whole hood knows he’s a fraud.
He looks beat as he runs through the street followed by camera crews. Fucking guys like him, who go humiliate themselves for that fat orange fuck. They deserve every minute of this. I mean they play such a small game, with the same New York mobsters in construction, taxi medallions, etc, that it figures they wouldn’t even know that that shit would never fly in the big leagues. That small town Manhattan bully boy shit would never fly outside of a small group of insular fucks in midtown. Then again i think they knew that but did not have any tricks in the bag or the mental capacity to make an adjustment once they got on the big stage.
You could see in Trump’s face the first day after he won, when he wen to meet Obama that he really didn’t want to do this shit. He knew. He couldn’t believe the shit. He knew that he was fucked, proper fucked, as all the stupid shit he had ever done was about to be exposed and the fact that he was a fucking moron was about to be in the biggest spotlight on the planet.
I never pay too much attention to the hysterics across the various mediums so far as this criminally venal group of incompetents intentionally and inadvertently produces ridiculousness and deserved outrage every single day. It can be overwhelming. How dumb, corrupt and  gleefully ignorant they all are. So I skim the feeds and news looking for something new apart from the screaming level of madness we have come to live in. Certain serious people always have my ear as they are among the most restrained in the frequency and amplitude of their comments. So when people like Preet Bharara pop up with a barely contained smirk and start talking about the legal consequences of these raids and what they signal from Mueller and the southern district I tart to sit up. When it continues with Fred Wilson declaring that full enormity of the raids could only means checkmate on Trump, only then do my ears perk and I start to dream again of a world that makes sense and we could all stop thinking about how the country is being run because we know that it is all in competent hands again. Like when that smart black guy was in charge of shit.

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