Impeach Donald Trump

Mueller Says Trump is a Criminal
Trump and Cronies Massive Coverup
Nancy is worried that Americans are fed up with the overwhelming and constant news of corruption coming from the White House and that being the case, this fatigue would produce sympathy for Trump if impeachment were undertaken. The main source of her worry is the results that the previous impeachment of a president, Bill Clinton by the republican house, produced for the republicans in the next election cycle. Meaning they lost their majorities in congress in what she considers a backlash by the American public.
As I see it, there are numerous faults with this position but three major ones that call into question the validity of her argument are as follows:
  1. A majority of the American public, right at this moment, believe that Trump has committed crimes while in office. With overwhelming evidence of such presented almost daily, it is telling that almost two thirds of Americans of all political parties believe that this president is a criminal. That this belief includes republicans who also overwhelming approve of this president doesn’t negate the belief but merely tells the whole story of the moral and intellectual degradation of the right and the GOP in particular. They can’t ignore everything. They KNOW he is a criminal and has committed crimes while in the While House but are willing to overlook these facts as part of their subsuming fear and hatred of all people that aren’t white.
  2. The foundation of Nancy’s fear is the backlash republicans faced after their impeachment of Bill Clinton with the public taking both their majorities in congress. I propose that the Americans public is not as foolish as Fox news makes them seem and can be trusted to distinguish between a bullshit political stunt (Bill Clinton’s prosecution over a blowjob after years of investigation that provided not one other significant offense never mind any related to the original indictment, Whitewater corrupt land dealings) and hardcore overabundant criminal activity, as daily committed by this White House. The backlash was precisely because of the fact that the American people knew that Clinton’s impeachment was political bullshit committed by the most base outlandishly rabid GOP extremist (like Lindsay Graham) who used the most dirty dishonorable methods (Brett Kavanaugh constantly leaking private material from the investigation) and such broad naked overreach by Kenneth Starr to go on from one rumor to the next finding nothing until he ended up conflating a semen stained dress with a constitutional crisis. Everybody knew there was not reason for impeachment besides right wing nut job rumors on redneck talk radio and the way they went about it was so dirty that even GOP members of congress participated in  putting restrictions on future investigations. The problem Madame Speaker isn’t impeachment itself. It is a fact-less, unfounded corrupt process instigated and carried out by outlying rabid political extremists. See number 1 as to whether Americans think the facts warrant an investigation of this president.
  3. The process of impeachment itself provides weight and authority of a final reckoning for criminal behavior of such brazenness that it in and of itself threatens democracy in this country. This process was instituted by the country’s founders for precisely this reason. To, after much deliberate consideration, provide the necessary momentus gravity and authority to unite all the branches of government along with the american people against internal villainy. THAT is why they went to great lengths to insert this process as a failsafe into our political process. They were recently versant with villainy and tyranny. They knew it firsthand and it was obviously foremost in their minds during the construction of our governmental structure. They knew that should a villain of great magnitude assume the mantel of executive in this country, a great and regal process would be needed to provide the perceived authority to remove a duly elected individual who was unfit for the office. Impeachment is that process and needs to be undertaken at this time if at any time in the history of this republic. The moment demands it.

2 thoughts on “Impeach Donald Trump

  1. The only fake one is Trump himself;. A pretender HAS to be told “YOU’RE FIRED”.Ameica deserves nothing less.


  2. You know what this is USA , LOL he will win the second term not by popular votes but by electro college votes that is controlled by israel the Jewish lobby and the rifle association and wall street , those people want him for other 4 years . The only way he can get away with it if he start attacking the evil Iranian and destroy Iran


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