Impeach Donald Trump

Mueller Says Trump is a Criminal Trump and Cronies Massive Coverup Nancy is worried that Americans are fed up with the overwhelming and constant news of corruption coming from the White House and that being the case, this fatigue would produce sympathy for Trump if impeachment were undertaken. The main source of her worry is … More Impeach Donald Trump

Trump’s Race War

Trump’s secret weapons: Bannon and Cambridge Analytica Bannon weaponizes Facebook to start culture wars Facebook Security Chief Said to Leave After Clashes Over Disinformation Turns out Bannon turned stolen Facebook profile information (told you MF’s not to use that shit!) into secret weapons to inflame the American electorate and target voters. Whom did they target, … More Trump’s Race War

“I remember it was hot, I had to shave, wear a blue suit and all I wanted was a beer”

“Unwitting my ass! I’m the one that came up with the date on the back.” “it wasn’t all that fun. I just remember I had to wear a blue suit and wanted a beer.” Fucking dumb, dumb, deeply dumb Trump rednecks. Radiolab released a unscheduled episode in wake of the FBI indicting actual Russians at … More “I remember it was hot, I had to shave, wear a blue suit and all I wanted was a beer”

White People Suicide

Spectacular self immolation. Killing themselves trying to get rid of black people and Mexicans. Their hate is so deep that they are willing to ignore anything but indications of overt hate or lack thereof. I mean, Trump and the GOP just made a federal law allowing owners of businesses to take tips from employees to … More White People Suicide